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A Walk in the Woods

Exploring the Wooded Slopes Overlooking Uzumlu

There are many beautiful walks in the wooded slopes overlooking the village of Uzumlu. For one of our favourite walks, just follow the signs from the village to Cadianda.  You will find plenty of shade to keep cool as you stroll through the trees, perhaps looking for the ideal picnic spot. 

This is also the area where a famous local delicacy can be found - the tasty Morel mushroom. The fame of the Morel attracts people from far and wide to the annual Mushroom Festival each Spring in Uzumlu, for three days of music, dancing, and of course - mushrooms!

Many other hidden riches can be found in the woodland glades if you keep your eyes open. Patches of wild orchids can be found in sheltered spots, if you're here at the right time of year - but do watch where you put your feet - it's very easy to damage these rare beauties.

Less pretty than orchids, but perhaps more entertaining as they search for a quiet sunny spot for lunch, are the local tortoises, which are quite common in this part of the world. 

Several ancient rock tombs can be found scattered around the hillside, just a few minutes walk from the villa. They date from the Lycian period, and were carved from the local rock perhaps 2500 years ago or more. 

Exploring the rock tombs appeals to the Indiana Jones in us all. Unfortunately, the treasures are long since gone, but the rich imagination of a small boy was some compensation.

Close by is the famous tomb of Hector, elaborately carved to show the tomb's resident in life at work and at play. As you will see from the carving, his work consisted mostly of merciless slaughter of barbarians from horseback.

Only about 20-30 mins walk from the edge of the village is a cragtop with a magnificent panoramic view across the green expanse of the Uzumlu valley to the rugged mountains beyond. This is ideal place for a picnic, with one of the best views in the whole area. Just head for the large Turkish flag which flies from this spot.

And if you are feeling really energetic, you can continue up the hillside (another 50-60mins - and don't forget to take some water with you) where you will find the ancient ruined city of Cadianda, transporting you back to a time over 2000 years ago.

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