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Places of Interest

The Many Attractions of Lycia, the Turquoise Coast and Beyond

The village of Uzumlu, just 20km north of Fethiye, is the centre of the agricultural activities of the surrounding valley. Set in a small fertile plateau at over 600m, and ringed by wooded slopes and sheltering mountains, the name comes from the grape vines that grow in profusion along its sunlit slopes.


Just 90 years ago, Kayakoy was a prosperous town overlooking a fertile valley not far from Fethiye on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. Now it is a ghost town, the ruins providing a moving experience of a long-forgotten tragedy. On the other hand, many of the nearby restaurants are excellent, so you have plenty of opportunity to cheer yourself up afterwards! 

Just over 20mins by car or Dolmus from the village square in Uzumlu, Fethiye is a typical Turkish town, combining the old with the most modern. Fethiye has the best shopping in the area, as well as many fine restaurants, especially in the old town and on the waterfront, from where you can hire a boat to explore the many islands in the sheltered bay, or venture out along the rugged coastline.

Local Food

The Turkish people have a long tradition from Ottoman times of taking food very seriously - and the wonderful fresh produce of the area complement these cooking skills perfectly!

Night Life

And if you - or your younger party members - really want clubs, pubs, discos and nightlife then try Hisaronu. This is the place to see - and be seen. Just 25 mins from Uzumlu but a whole world away! 

The Roman theatre at the ancient ruined city of Aspendos near Antalya on the southern coast of Turkey is rightly famous as one of the best preserved structure of its kind the whole Mediterranean region. 

This magnificent theatre is the home of Turkey's International Opera & Ballet Festival, which runs through the summer months from June to September.


Yes, it is a four hour drive from Uzumlu, but well worth it if you wish to experience world class music performed under the stars in a 2000 year old theatre. 

Just 30mins drive from Uzumlu, the Blue Lagoon is protected from development, but there are several hotels, bars and restaurants along nearby the Olu Deniz beachfront. Another more scenic route is to take a boat from Fethiye along the coast directly to the beach. 

Also nearby is the start of the famous Lycian Way, rated as one of the "World's 10 Best Walks". 

Turkey's Turquoise Coast hides many other more secluded coves and bays, including the almost deserted 18km sandy beach at Patara, about 50 mins drive from Uzumlu, with an ancient lost city only recently uncovered from the encroaching sands to explore.

Just a couple of miles from Uzumlu - but still a considerable climb - is the ancient hilltop city of Cadianda.   The mountains beyond hide many more almost forgotten ancient Roman/Greek sites, as well as superb scenery, cut with fast flowing rivers - notably the Dalaman & Xanthos - and deep gorges such as Saklikent and Kopru Canyon.

About 90km NE of Antalya, the Kopru Canyon National Park is named after a deep gorge cut through the wild mountain landscape by the rushing waters of the Kopru river as it heads south to the coast. This is one of the most popular spots for white-water rafting in southern Turkey. 

The whole area surrounding and to the north of the gorge offers an outstandingly beautiful mountain wilderness to explore, and nature lovers will be spoiled for choice. The famous route of "St Paul's Way" runs through this area. 

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