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Orchid Hunting on an Enchanted Island

This is just a small selection of the orchids we discovered on our three day visit to this beautiful island wilderness near Fethiye on the Turquoise Coast.  Only accessible by boat, its remote location has protected the wild flowers in their natural habitat.

To identify the various orchid species shown here, you can go to Nejdet's web site to find out their names.

If you don't have time to visit Fethiye, you can see many more orchids from this part of the world - and indeed from the rest of Turkey - when you visit the web site of our chief orchid hunter, Nejdet Bozkurt, at

Also, Nejdet's pictures are much better than mine - the camera equipment he uses looks very impressive and very very expensive! 

We found many beautiful wild flowers other than orchids on our visit to this fascinating location. Some of the most unusual were these colourful rock plants, growing in profusion in the sheltered clefts of small cliffs and gullys found in the more inaccessible parts of the island. 

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