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The Turquoise Coast

Bright Blue Waters, Sea Cliffs and Scattered Islands

Only 20 mins from Fethiye, and just 30 mins from Uzumlu, the Olu Deniz beach almost entirely shelters the dazzling waters of the famous Blue Lagoon. It is this exquisite setting, framed by the wooded hills on three sides, rising steeply to the rugged mountains inland, which makes it such an outstanding attraction for visitors.

Olu Deniz beach is one of the most beautiful - and most photographed - beaches on the Turquoise Coast. Just see any tourist brochure of Turkey! Crowded in summer, it is the perfect spot to enjoy the best of the Turkish coastline out of season. 

And if you're looking for something more active, you even go paragliding to get a better view of the coast!

If you want to get away from the crowds, this part of the Turquoise Coast has many isolated coves and islands, all within easy reach. One of the most beautiful - and deserted - spots of all is Kapidag, a secluded island (almost - except for a narrow penisula) along the coast.


Accessible only by boat, it is a fascinating area to explore, walking amongst the ancient tombs, ruined temples, wild flowers and bright butterflies all far away from modern civilization.

Or for a more relaxed adventure, take a few days out for a voyage of discovery along the coast in a sailing boat or a crewed Gulet, and spend your time lazing in the sun and swimming, whilst the crew cook your seafood supper in time to watch the sunset across the bay.

With guaranteed sunshine and water temperatures typically in the mid-20's, all kinds of marine activites beckon, including sailboarding, snorkelling  and scuba diving.

And when you tire of the beach, there are many other attractions close at hand. Fethiye (20 mins) and Gocek (30mins) are buzzing with life along their waterfronts, each with their own particular character.

Take off on a boat trip from the quayside at Fethiye and with such a vast expanse of warm blue water, you might spend all day without seeing another person. There are many secluded bays along this rugged coastline, ideal for a private stopover, when you could almost believe you have the Turquoise Coast all to youself.

The "Twelve Islands" in Fethiye bay are just a short boat ride away. This is the ideal spot for a day trip with as much swimming, beachcombing and sunbathing as you like.


Then you can either stop at one of the little outdoor restaurants around the bay to try some of the tasty Turkish food, or treat yourself to a fish BBQ cooked to order by your captain as you watch the sunset over the islands.

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