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A Charming Village  in the Foothills of the Taurus Mountains

Uzumlu is well worth exploring for the many glimpses of life in a traditional Turkish village. If you look into some of the open-fronted houses near the village centre, you can watch the weavers producing the local "Dastar" fabric, a speciality of Uzumlu.Many of the houses have a loom and the women are happy to show you how the intricate patterns are produced.  

Shopping couldn't be easier - there are several shops in the village where all sorts of fresh food and other supplies can be had, including the excellent locally baked bread. At the weekly market near the main square, you will be astonished at the vast choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and spices on display. And all from local farmers who never had to go organic - because they always have been! 

The locals are very friendly, and you are likely to be offered something to eat or drink, this is just typical Turkish hospitality.  Of course they would like you to purchase a souvenir of your visit, but there's no pressure to buy.  Don’t worry if your Turkish isn’t up to discussing the finer points of weaving; ’Merhaba’, a smile and sign language go a long way.

There are a number of good restaurants in Uzumlu, serving local specialities, and even the chance of some live music in the evening, played on the traditional Turkish stringed instrument, the "saz". Or if you have less time, pop in to the local snack bar for a ‘pide’, the Turkish pizza. Delicious and cheap!

One of the highlights of the year in Uzumlu is the famous "Mushroom Festival" held every April. Although mushrooms (in fact the Morel, a local delicacy) do figure prominently in the proceedings, the festival is really an excuse to hold a 3-day folk festival, with everything from traditional music and folk dancing, to presentations on the local culture and history.

The many outdoor food stalls do a brisk trade serving stuffed pancakes, washed down with a choice of Morel soup or the local Uzumlu wine. Guided mushroom-hunting walks in the surrounding hills are also organised for those who want to search out their own supplies of the delicious and highly prized Morel! 

The glorious setting of wooded slopes leading up to the high mountains surrounding the fertile valley give the impression of an immense green amphiteatre. 

Peppers hung up to dry in the summer heat. Surprisingly, Turkish food is not particularly spicy - but the Turks will often eat the chillies as a side dish. 

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