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Local Food

Rediscover Your Sense of Taste on Every Street Corner

Shopping for food and eating out are two of the greatest pleasures in Turkey. There are many excellent restaurants close to Uzumlu and around Fethiye, as well as several other wonderful places we have found in more secluded locations amongst the mountain slopes and valleys of the region.

A wealth of local produce is available wherever you go: sun ripened fruit and vegetables, fish fresh from the sea, naturally reared meats. Remember that most farmers can’t afford expensive fertilisers and pesticides, so food is grown using only natural methods and materials. You will also notice, as you travel around, that most farm animals are free range! 

Don't be afraid to try the roadside eateries when you're travelling around. They are mostly family run and you might find local dishes that you would not see in the towns. 

Typical Turkish cooking is really delicious and very healthy. The food is so fresh and so varied, you are bound to find a style of cooking to your taste, from the most carnivorous to the strictest vegetarian inclination. We have plenty of recommendations for our visitors, so you only have to ask! 

Sat in the shade by a sparkling river, with just the ducks for company. Freshly baked bread, local cheese, sweet honey, delicious pastries - what better way to start the day than with breakfast al fresco!

For a more substantial introduction to fine Turkish food, the larger villages and towns on the coast such as Gocek, Fethiye and Kalkan have some of the best restaurants in the area. 

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