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Paragliding at Olu Deniz

Soaring 2000 Meters Above the Turquoise Coast

The massive mountain of Babadag towers high above the blue Mediterranean waters of the Turquoise Coast of Turkey.  A mecca for paraglding enthusiasts, it is reputedly the best locations for the activity in Europe, due to the great height and proximity to the steady updraft generated by the steep drop of over 6000 feet to the sea. 

Up and away! This is the moment when you soar like a bird, with nothing to hear but the wind in your face. You now have a panoramic view of one of the most spectacular sights you can imagine, looking across the Olu Deniz lagoon to the magnificent scenic coastline and the scattered islands beyond.


Heading towards the cliff edge towering above the sea, you pick up thermal updrafts which will keep you airborne for up to 45 mins or more. And don't forget to take a camera - you'll never forgive yourself if you don't!

This is not just a sport for the daredevil expert, however. Even complete beginners can have an experience of a lifetime, by hitching a ride with a paraglider pilot in a tandem rig. After a long and bumpy ride in a big yellow truck up from the beach at Olu Deniz at the base of the mountain, Laura is now getting a final pre-flight check from her pilot before lift-off.

Then all too soon, you find yourself coming in for landing on the beach.  If you don't want to try again right away, then Olu Deniz beach and the adjacent lagoon just happens to be one of the most attractive spots on the coast for swimming and relaxing in the sun.


You can just sit on the beach or in one of the many cafes or bars, with a cool drink in your hand, watching the paragliding action with a (newly acquired) expert eye!

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