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Celebrating Music & Theatre Since 166 AD

The Roman theatre at the ancient ruined city of Aspendos on the southern coast of Turkey is rightly famous as one of the best preserved structure of its kind in the whole Mediterranean region. Seating up to 15,000 people, the theatre was built around the year 166AD in the reign of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and is still in use today.

The theatre is located 45 km east of Antalya, just past the town of Belek. We stay at the DejaVu Boutique Hotel in the old town of Antalya when we visit.

Getting ready for a performance of Borodin's Prince Igor.

Arrival of Prince Igor at the town of Putivl.

This magnificent theatre is the home of Turkey's International Opera & Ballet Festival, which runs through the summer months from June to September. Many world class opera & ballet companies perform at the Festival, as well as famous orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic. 

What a marvellous experience for music lovers - a night time performance with the stars above, and perfect acoustics in the evocative setting of this ancient theatre.

Vladislav Karklin conducting the Ekaterinburg State Opera and Ballet Orchestra.

Prince Igor addresses the townspeople & warriors before setting off to fight the Polovtsian army.

After the battle, the Polovtsian Khan tries to persuade the defeated Prince Igor to become his ally; the Prince refuses.

Before he leaves, Prince Igor witnesses a solar eclipse - is this an ill-omen for the Russians or their enemies?

The Khan's daughter spies Igor's son, the handsome Russian Prince Vladimir, who is also captive. 

The Princess dresses in her finest clothes before meeting Prince Vladimir.

The two lovers beg the Khan to allow them to marry - he agrees - everybody starts dancing in celebration!

The Russian Prince falls in love with the Polovtsian Princess.

The most exciting part of the performance - the famous Polovtsian Dances.

And yet more dancing . . .

The finale of Borodin's Prince Igor.

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