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A River RunsThrough Paradise

White Water Rafting on the Kopru River

The Kopru river is located in the Kopru Canyon National Park, about 90km NE of Antalya. In ancient times, the river was known as the Eurymedon. The modern name is a little less evocative, Kopru meaning "bridge" in Turkish.

Although this site focuses mainly on what to see near Uzumlu, this is such an attractive area that it is worth making an exception. Drive time from Uzumlu is around 5 hours, so you'll probably want to stay overnight. 

And don't forget to bring a swimming costume with you - there are many shady spots where you can find a pool to cool off. Be careful, though - the water is a lot colder than it looks and the current is quite strong in places! 

As you approach the Canyon, you will see many small restaurants by the roadside. Fish is the speciality, but sadly it is entirely farmed trout as the native brown trout cannot be taken from the river. No fishing allowed in the National Park! 

Walking is allowed, however, and the scenery is quite magnificent, particularly in the upper reaches of the river above the Canyon itself. A guide is strongly advised, as the lanscape is very rugged and the hiking trails and tracks - of which there are many - are not so easy to find.

Flowing out of the spectacular Kopru Canyon, the river heads south through heavily wooded slopes, wide calm stretches alternating with tumbling rapids. The road from the coast follows the river in many places, so it is quite easy to catch enchanting glimpses of the lower river as you travel up to the Canyon itself.

The first set of rapids just below the bridge are probably the most exciting.  If you want a less exciting introduction to rafting, then just select one of the companies who set out below this part of the river.

River rafting is by far the most popular attraction, bringing as many as 4000 visitors a day to the Park. The rafting starts from just below the Oluk bridge at the bottom of the Canyon.

The rafts travel down river for several miles through rapids which are quite exciting but never too challenging.

Or for a little more excitement, try some thing smaller . . .

Maybe that was just a bit too exciting!

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