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Turkish Delights

Just a Few of the Fun Things to See & Do in This Part of Turkey

With such a stunning landscape and wonderful weather, the region is the perfect place for a wide range of exciting outdoor activities.  For high-adrenaline junkies, we have some of the best paragliding and white-water rafting you could find anywhere.  


For something a little less white-knuckle inducing, the opportunities for sailing and walking are amongst the best in the world.

The delights of exploring over the next hill or beyond the next island never seem to fade.  Ancient cites and tombs are scattered around the landscape.  The woods are full of wildlife, from tortoises to wild boar and the mountain slopes are covered in wild flowers through the Spring months.

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All this exercise is likely to work up an appetite - so why not try one of the charming restaurants beside a cool stream and sample the local food & drink in the shade?  

Or wander into one of the local markets and try the wonderful selection of sun-ripened fruit ?

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